Brown Bear Grill
English Menu
  • Cold Appetizers
    Kazylyk 370₽
    Traditional sliced raw-dried horse meat sausage. Accompanied by sauerkraut with creamy horseradish and fresh salad leaves.

    Basturma 370₽
    Beef jerky slices from our own production. Served with sauerkraut with spicy jalapeño peppers and fresh salad leaves.

    House-Salted Herring 350₽
    Lightly salted herring paired with pickled onions, baked potatoes, and grilled Borodino bread.

    Chicken Breast Balyk 250₽
    Cured chicken breast slices from our own production. Presented with sauerkraut featuring pickled apples and fresh salad leaves.

    Lard with Onions 350₽
    Served with Borodino bread, onions, and mustard.

    Beef Tartare 680₽
    A classic preparation with onions, pickles, capers, and egg yolk. Presented on crispy tortilla toast, garnished with grainy mustard.

    Grilled Borodino Bread with Garlic Butter 300₽
    Accompanied by potato chips, gherkins, jalapeños, and a pickled egg.

    Horse Meat Tartare 680₽
    Chopped horse meat with a spicy ginger dressing and wakame seaweed. Served on white bread toast.

    Vodka Accompaniments (Choice of): 250₽
    • Pickled Cucumbers and Celery
    • Oyster Mushrooms with Grainy Mustard and Onions
    • Sauerkraut with Onions
    • Spicy Pepper with Pickled Apples
  • Salads
    Chicken Fillet Salad 650₽
    Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, suluguni cheese chips, marinated quail eggs, fried chicken fillet, and a homemade mayonnaise-based dressing with capers and suluguni cheese.

    Tuna Tataki Salad 690₽
    Mixed lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onions, pickled quail eggs, dried persimmons, and tuna tataki, dressed with Spanish vinaigrette. Served with toasted wheat bread.

    Vegetable Salad with Chips 370₽
    Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and red onions. Dressed with a Spanish vinaigrette made from olive oil, roasted garlic, and honey. Topped with dor-blue cheese, peanuts, and tortilla chips.

    Beef Salad with Smashed Cucumbers 690₽
    Mixed greens with chili sweet sauce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers in spicy ginger sauce, grilled beef tenderloin topped with teriyaki sauce. Garnished with sesame seeds.
  • Burgers
    Pork Burger 730₽
    House-made bun, pulled pork in ginger dressing, bacon, lettuce, drunken onions, pickles, and molten cheese.

    Steak Burger 780₽
    House-made bun, grilled and sliced steak, cheese sauce, lettuce, pickles, drunken onions with ketchup, and molten cheese.

    BEARburgers 590₽
    Three grilled mini burgers with mini beef patties, suluguni cheese, ketchup, lettuce, drunken onions, tomatoes, and pickles.

    Duck Burger 730₽
    House-made bun, chicken and duck meat patty, spinach, fresh apple, drunken onions with currant sauce, Camembert cheese, and BBQ sauce.

    Beefsteak Burger 670₽
    House-made bun, beef steak, lettuce, pickles, drunken onions with BBQ sauce, mustard sauce, and molten cheese.

    Fishburger 520₽
    House-made bun, deep-fried fish fillet, fried onions, house-made grapefruit mayo, lettuce, celery, and molten cheese.
  • Hot Appetizers
    Cheese Triangles 390₽
    Breaded and deep-fried Gouda cheese. Served with Ranch sauce.

    Lamb Ribs In spicy tomato sauce 800₽

    Chicken Strips 390₽
    House-made breaded chicken. Served with Ranch sauce.

    Fish & Chips 550₽
    White fish fillet, breaded and deep-fried, with French fries. Served with sour cream herb sauce and garnished with lemon.

    Buffalo Chicken Wings 350₽
    Roasted and baked wings in spicy Buffalo sauce. Topped with balsamic glaze.

    Lamb Sausages Served with BBQ sauce and onions in hot sauce 600₽

    Langoustines in Spicy Ginger Sauce 700₽
    Roasted in Spanish sauce. Served with peaches and lettuce in a spicy ginger dressing.

    Empanadas 550₽
    Mexican spicy patties filled with pork and beef in puff pastry, deep-fried. Served with Chimichurri sauce and sour cream herb sauce.

    Quesadilla 490₽
    Wheat flatbread with bean salsa, bell peppers, lettuce, chili peppers, cheese, and grilled chicken fillet. Served with sour cream herb sauce.

    Pork Ribs With orange sauce 600₽

    Shrimp (Fried or Boiled) 700₽
    Served with lemon and spicy ginger dressing.

  • First Courses
    Irish Cream Soup 350₽
    Creamy chicken soup with beer, bacon, and cheese.

    Seafood Soup 630₽
    Boiling fish broth with funchoza, shrimps, squid, and trout.

    Hunter's Soup 650₽
    Creamy soup with lamb sausages, bacon, and spinach.

    Borscht in a Pot 400₽
    Classic borscht served with sour cream, garlic bun, and lard.

    Mushroom Cream Soup 350₽
    Delicate wild mushroom soup. Served with wheat croutons.

  • Main Courses
    Filet Mignon 1050₽
    Served with “Pai” potatoes and porcini mushroom foam.

    Skirt Steak 1100₽
    Served with baked potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chimichurri sauce with cashew nuts, and fresh apple.

    Kansas Steak 1460₽
    Striploin served with grilled corn, cherry tomatoes, yam fries, chimichurri sauce, fried onions, and Parmesan cheese.

    Salmon and Shrimps 1200₽
    Served on a bed of quinoa with mint butter, garnished with lemon glaze.

    Ribeye 1200₽
    Served with baked baby potatoes in garlic confit with thyme, spicy ginger sauce, and spicy carrots.

    Duck Fillet 1200₽
    Served with asparagus on yam purée.

    Pork Loin in Orange Glaze 850₽
    Served on a bed of buttered peaches with rosemary, garnished with lemon glaze.

    Steak Tournedo 1350₽
    Grilled veal loin steak served on a bed of onion confit, garnished with asparagus and green salad.

    Pork Neck Steak 1150₽
    Served with fries, green beans, bell peppers, hot jalapeño peppers, cheese, and chimichurri sauce.

    Steak on the Bone
    One-kilogram grilled steak on the bone (weight of raw meat: 1000gm).
    2500₽ per kilogram

  • Dishes on Keci
    (Keci is a clay pan for baking in the oven or stove)
    Pork Keci 790₽
    Grilled pork neck with vegetable ragout.

    Scandinavian Roast "Forikol" 650₽
    Lamb brisket stewed with cabbage, baked potatoes, and green peas.

    "Irish Stew" 670₽
    Classic Irish roast with torn beef and mushrooms on Guinness beer.

    Mexican Roast with Chicken 500₽
    Spicy bean salsa with chicken "Piri-piri".

  • Side Dishes
    French Fries 250₽
    Served with ranch sauce.

    Baked Potatoes 150₽
    Served with ranch sauce.

    Grilled Vegetables 300₽
    Tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, eggplant. Served with ranch sauce.

    Cole Slaw 150₽
    White cabbage, carrots, sesame oil. Topped with grill sauce.

    Fresh Vegetables 250₽
    Bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, pickled red onions.

    Cabbage "Hans" 200₽
    Sautéed fried cabbage, bacon, tomato-basil sauce, onions, garlic.

    Bean Salsa 210₽
    Red beans, white beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, chili peppers. Served with sour cream.

  • Bread

    • Bread Basket: 130₽
    • Buns: 90₽
    • Tortilla: 60₽
  • Sauces
    Sauces: 60₽
    Ranch, Ketchup, Cheese, Barbecue, Mustard, Chimichurri, Sweetchil, Grill sauce, Basil Oil, Sour cream with herbs, Tomato-basil, Spicy ginger sauce.

  • Classic Deserts
    Banana crumble with ice cream 350₽
    A dessert with bananas under a crumble of shortbread dough and a scoop of ice cream.
    Careful, serve on a hot pan!

    Ice cream 250₽
    Served with a topping of your choice of chocolate or berry.

    Banana split 400₽
    Bananas in cream, homemade ice cream, drunken cherry sauce,
 and a chocolate topping.

  • Chef's Desserts
    Cheesecake 350₽
    Smooth cream cheese, strawberry topping, crumbly base, peach jelly, mint.

    Pear Strudel 350₽
    Puff pastry, pastry cream, pear, "drunken cherry" sauce, homemade kozinaki, raisins, and cinnamon.

    Tiramisu 350₽
    Savoiardi cookies, cream cheese, coffee sauce, cocoa, chocolate topping, mint.